Bruno Reich, AIA

Bruno Reich has been a registered architect and contractor for over 30 years. His experience in the design and construction of buildings is broad and extensive.

ARCHITECT                                                   CONTRACTOR                                                  DEVELOPER

One source to design and build

"From an early age I loved building. In high school I spent some time traveling in Europe and was deeply moved by the beauty of medieval towns and the excitement of modern developments.  In college I majored in Architecture and Engineering. My goal was to be a master of every part of the process of building from conception to occupancy. After graduation, internship and passing the registration exams I set out to develop, design and build unique places. In addition to my architectural practice I started a construction company. I saw the need to combine emerging mass production trends in construction with the timelessness of old world building crafts. The results, carried out by my crews, are beautiful buildings built efficiently. There is no substitute for hands on experience and a passion for being the best. What I offer my clients is a lifetime of experience making inspiring projects a reality."

                                             Bruno Reich

Bruno Reich, AIA LEED AP